Expressions in Life

A book of poems by Harvey D. King


A Book of Poems by Harvey D. King

Expressions in Life

An invitation to walk alongside an author who has seen much, loved deeply, and expresses it all through the timeless art of poetry.

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"...a window into a life rich with experiences..."

Harvey King is a not just a husband and father, he is also cherished figure in his community of Saginaw, MI. This collection of poetry is more than just a book; it's a window into a life rich with experiences, a life that has navigated change with resilience and grace. It's an invitation to walk alongside an author who has seen much, loved deeply, and expresses it all through the timeless art of poetry.

This collection of sixty poems has been carefully curated and organized to share the life experience, emotion, creativity of the author who has, during his lifetime, moved with family from Texas to Michigan, served in the U.S. Air Force, and raised a family of his own - all while

building a distinguished and valued life in his chosen home. Please enjoy Harvey's numerous musings on life, love, family, and even the turning of seasons.

A lifelong journey of creativity...

Born under the wide Texas skies of Longview, the Harvey King's early years were marked by a significant move to Saginaw, Michigan. It was in the corridors of Saginaw High School where he first discovered the power of words; a discovery that would eventually blossom into a lifelong passion for poetry.

Upon graduation, he felt the call to serve, joining the Air Force. His time in the service not only honed his discipline but also deepened his perspective, elements that would later infuse his poetic voice.

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Harvey D.



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"This book opened my eyes when it comes to trusting my own forces and getting things done. I never knew this was so easy!

James Flysteem

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